Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Love. . . . .

I love that my oldest is so excited to go to school every morning.

I love watching toddlers run.

I love how Ryann calls Mary "Murry".

I love that the kids laugh at jokes now.

I love that my kids still cuddle with me.

I secretly love it when my kids get into things.

 I love that my mom is our go-to babysitter.

I love finding my kids cuddled up together.

Birthday time

I have been really getting into making birthday cakes for the kiddo's.  Its getting way to expensive to buy them even at the grocery store!  A friend of ours did a dump truck cake for their youngest last summer.  And Weston was in love with it.  So here is the cake and some other pics.

He was so excited to open presents!