Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Naptime Confessions

Its a dark and dreary day, its nap time, and I'm going to make my mommy confessions.

*Ryann watches a movie every day during nap time.  Since she does not take a nap, she can at least rest.

*I don't really do much during nap time, I usually sit at the computer, or take over the T.V.  Yes, sometimes Ryann has to watch Hell's Kitchen or Bachelor pad with me.

*"Nap time" extends until we have to go pick up Mary from school.  Even if the baby gets up, we just rock in the recliner until its time to go.

*I sometimes hide in the kitchen and eat junk food, so Ryann won't hear me and ask me for snacks all afternoon.

*I love cuddling with just Ryann in the rocking chair during nap time.

*I don't wash Mr. C's clothes anymore.

*I secretly wish the kids were old enough to clean more, so I can clean less!

*I sometimes tell the kids certain moves are lost so I don't have to watch them for the millionth time this week.

*I am going to be very sad when all my kiddos get too old for nap time.

Monday, August 29, 2011


So money has been really tight around here this summer.  So I have been creative in meal planning and grocery shopping.  I have to say, I am really proud of myself.   I have been keeping our grocery bill around $100 each week, to feed our family of five.  That includes any diapers, dog food, personal items we may need too.  This week, I think I have outdone myself though.  A whopping $69.75 is what I spent this week, and that included two packs of huggies.
So how did I do it?

First I look at all the ads and my coupons.  And plan my week of dinners, using what's on sale, and what's in my freezer.
Here is this weeks meals:
Monday:  Hot dogs/pigs in a blanket, beans
Tuesday: ham, julienne potatoes, green beans (from garden)
Wed: Chicken, rice, carrots
Thurs: Ham and cheese omelets, toast, hash browns
Friday: Spaghetti
Saturday: Leftover Fagioli over rice

What I had in the freezer/pantry:
Hot dogs, crescent rolls, beans, julienne potatoes, green beans, rice, hash browns, tomato sauce/paste, Fagioli , ground turkey.

What was on sale and had coupons for:
Huggies, peanut butter, crackers, cookies

My store also price matches:
peanut butter, fruit cups, milk, granola bars.

Some of my big savings this week were:  Planters peanut butter was on sale at another store for $.99, and I had a $.75 cent off coupon.  Huggies were on sale, I had $3.00 off coupon for the new slide one ones. And milk I price matched ,  No frills had milk , buy 3 get $1.00 off.

*I also get a 5 cent sack credit for every reusable bag I use.  And I also collect pet prints and baby bucks.  This week I had enough baby bucks to turn in for a $10.00 gift card.

*Don't be afraid to try new things.  I would never have bought the new Huggies slide-on diapers.  But with a $3.00 off coupon , I'm willing to try it.  That coupon made the huggies as cheap as the store brand.
*Also, store brand is not always cheapest.  This week I had a coupon for Land O Lakes eggs.  That made the Land O Lakes eggs 40 cents less than the Hy-vee eggs.
*Plan meals from the pantry, or using leftovers.  I am making ham tomorrow, and I know there will be leftovers, so we will use the leftovers for ham and cheese omelets.
*Check the store website.  My store also puts out an online only ad with extra savings.  Check www.afullcup.com for your store savings.

I hope this inspires you to clip some coupons and save some money!

Kindergarden and Preschool

Mary had her first day of Kindergarden two weeks ago.  She is loving it!  She wanted to go to school on saturday this weekend.  Her teacher is really nice, and great at communicating with the parents.

Walking to school!

Mary's locker.  And apparently a couple of the boys in her class have already had their lockers taken away.  They were told the first day not to climb in their lockers! LOL!

Ryann also had her first day of preschool today.  I had to chase her down just to get a hug and a kiss goodbye!  She was ready to go!  When we went to meet her teacher last week, she kept telling us goodbye, she wanted us to leave her there that night!  She cracks me up!

Yes , her backpack is almost as big as she is!

Ryann's Birthday

Ryann is all about princesses.  So she choose a princess cake for her birthday.  I had fun thinking of things to decorate her cake with.  Instead of dying all the frosting pink, I found pink spray for the cake.  It turned out really cute.  I tried to make frosting flowers too, but that was a big disaster!  So I ended up finding cute little silk flowers at Hobby Lobby to stick in the cake.  Also some crystal looking things.

For about 3 weeks after her birthday,  all she could say was "I can't believe I'm three now!"